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"The Virgin Islands Pulse of Movement"

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Described by critics as “Sizzling power that engulfs the stage with polished athleticism and refined movement”. Cruzan Dance Company is a young troupe of dance artists that are dedicated to taking you on a passage of storytelling through the measure of movement. Led by Alex E. Simon, Artistic Director and founder of the company since 2003, Cruzan Dance Company is a project of the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, D.C. Since its inception, Cruzan Dance Company has focused on cultivating underserved communities by providing affordable dance training to local, national communities abroad. CDCO has an eclectic blend of contemporary style movement that can be easily recognized for it's intricate and precise lines on stage. Cruzan Dance Company's primary focus is centered on bridging awareness of dance and the performing arts to our local national communities. This is achieved through participating in cultural events, community outreach initiatives, producing company concerts, and site-specific projects. 

Hailed as "The Virgin Islands Pulse of Movement" Cruzan Dance Company continues to excel in the expansion of teaching and molding the young minds of dancers. Recently, we launched the second performing company called Cruzan Dance Movement which will be the home of young dancers who are aspiring to become professional dancers. The official launch of the home-based dance center located in the heart of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands will launch in 2021. Auditions will follow after the Grand Opening of Cruzan Dance Center.



Breaking Barriers                              

Club Hot                                         




Heavy Violence

Image of Life                                     

In Harms Way                                       

Jewels of the Caribbean   

Kissing You 

Letters to My People

Lights, Camera, Dance

Open the Gate   


See Line Women


Spoken Word  

Total Praise...                                 

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