Our dance program runs from September through June, culminating at the end with a performance showcasing the months of hard work, talent, and passion that is instilled in our youths and adults. Dancers from the age of 3 and up can register for the appropriate classes designated for their age level. Ballet is a requirement for any age level group. Classes also offered are Jazz, Modern, Musical Theater, Hip-Hop, African, Jumps & Turns. We also offer adult classes to include: Adult Hip-Hop, Street Jazz, Strictly Stilettos, and much more. In addition to working on technique each week, our dedicated faculty strive to nurture and develop each dancer's creative side. If you're looking for a committed program for your passionate dancer, then look no further our program is tailored made for you.  


Adult Hip-Hop



Belly Dance

Hip-Hop                     Musical Theater  Jazz                           Street Jazz

Jumps & Turns        Strictly Stilettos

Modern                      Tap

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Registration for DANCE XPRESS Boot Camp will commence on January 4, 2021. If you would like to pre-register you can do so by clicking on the pre-registration button above. Please be aware that the $25.00 registration fee is non-refundable which includes a t-shirt for each participant. The registration deadline for DXBC will be Friday, June 18, 2021. Cruzan Dance Center Annual Registration will start on Monday, August 16th, 2021. Student class placement is based on the evaluation which is determined at the sole discretion of the evaluators and director. Registration is required before placement at the appropriate level can be issued to the dancer. If the level requirement is not met, students may not be permitted to continue in certain classes. Students under the age of 7 may register for the minimum of two classes at the beginner level which includes a mandatory ballet class. All parents will have access to the parent portal which will inform you of any changes or placement that is required in order to advance your child to another class.  


Missed Classes

Makeup Classes are available for classes missed or canceled due to an emergency, inclement weather, or if an instructor is ill. In case of inclement weather, we will follow St. Croix's public school’s emergency closing days. If there is a question about a closing day, please visit the News & Event page first as we will try to post the announcement or you can simply call the center. We will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible.

  • A makeup class will be scheduled within 24 hours of the canceled class. 

  • No refunds or credits will be issued during that time, the student will have to make up the class when it is re-scheduled and posted on-site and online.



Our annual program is a commitment from the commencement of September - June of the public school system calendar. To best support your child training it is imperative to note that CONSISTENT ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED. 

  • Students are allowed a total of 4 absences for the entire dance season. Any additional days may result in having your child withdrawn from the program.

  • Absences include school testing, religious commitments, illness, family events, etc. 

  • Students are required to attend all classes and rehearsals leading up to the showcase.

  • If your child has a planned absence, written documentation must be emailed to prior to the event. 



For the dancer's safety, your child will not be able to participate in class if they arrive more than 10 minutes late for an hour class or 20 minutes late for a ninety-minute class. They will have to take notes while observing the class. This will be strictly enforced at all times. 

Parents can observe from the monitors located in the reception area. No standing by the doorway will be permitted in order to ensure a quiet learning atmosphere and environment where our students can concentrate without distraction, observers are permitted on Observation Day. Should you have any questions regarding your child's class or training, you may always e-mail or call us. 


  • At the end of our season, we produce a captivating showcase at Island Center for the Performing Arts featuring the students and Cruzan Dance Company. This gives the students a chance to display what they have learned throughout the year. Every student enrolled at CDC is expected to perform in the showcase. 


For your convenience, you can order all dancewear directly from our online dance store. The Dance Factory. Please keep in mind that if items are not in stock it may take up to 7 business days to receive your order. 

Please make sure that you adhere to the dress code requirements listed below for each respective class. 


  • Female: Leotard or comfortable top that is not revealing, tights of your choice and a wrap skirt or lappa

  • Male: Tank top, loose jogger pants of your choice.

Ballet (All levels)

  • Female: Black leotard, pink or skin tone tights & ballet shoes.

  • Male: Black male leotard or white/black tank top, black male tights & black ballet shoes.     (A male dance belt is required based on age level)

Belly Dance

  • Female: comfortable top, fitted top or bra, fitted hip belt, loose pants, or fitted tights (any color)

Jazz / Jumps & Turns (All Levels)

  • Female: Black leotard, black jazz pants & black jazz shoes.

  • Male: Black male leotard or white/black tank top, black jazz pants & black jazz shoes or jazz sneakers. (A male dance belt is required based on age level)

Hip-Hop (All Levels)

  • All students may wear sneakers and any type of clothing that is loose and easy to move in. Clothing that is too revealing, offensive logos/wording on t-shirts will not be permitted.

Modern (All Levels)

  • Female: Black leotard, black short tights, No shoes

  • Male: Black leotard or white/black tank top, black short tights, No shoes.

Musical Theater

  • Female: Black leotard, black jazz pants & black jazz shoes or character shoes. 

  • Male: Black male leotard or white/black tank top, black jazz pants & black jazz shoes or jazz sneakers. (A male dance belt is required based on age level)

Soca Aerobics

  • Female: comfortable workout clothing

  • Male: comfortable workout clothing

Strictly Stilletos

  • Female: comfortable clothing that is not revealing and high heel boots that you can walk and or dance in. 

Here at CDC we have a strict dress code for each class. Our view on this is this will promote discipline and proper class etiquette. No Jewelry is permitted and hair must always be pulled back and away from the face. Any enrolled student that is not in dress code will be asked to observe the class. 



Cruzan Dance Center's number one priority goal is ensuring the health and safety of everyone that walks through our doors. We understand and acknowledge the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has caused a new normal for everyone. We will enforce strict measures to ensure that when you or your child participates in any class, your health is taking into serious consideration above anything else. Hand sanitizing stations and touchless equipment will be installed throughout the new facility and in the bathrooms to prevent cross-contamination. There will always be a 10 interval break before each class to sanitize and disinfect the dance studio before the next class begins. Below you will find the Alert Level that we have implemented for Cruzan Dance Center to ensure that the dance education we provide to everyone continues but in a safe manner. Cruzan Dance Center and Cruzan Dance Company reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who fails to follow the guidelines we have set forth to ensure the safety of everyone.   


GREEN ALERT indicates that classes commence as normally scheduled. Masks are not required before entering into the facility.


YELLOW ALERT indicates that social and physical distancing of 6ft commences before entering into and waiting outside the facility. Masks will be required to be used by everyone at this point or service will be refused.  Masks can be purchased on-line at The Dance Factory


ORANGE ALERT indicates that the hybrid class plan will begin. Some classes will be in-person and the remaining classes will be online via our company's zoom platform. We strongly encourage reliable internet or using a cell phone or tablet for online classes. During in-person classes in social and physical distancing of 6ft commences before entering into and waiting outside the facility. Masks will be required to be used by everyone at this point or service will be refused. Masks can be purchased on-line at The Dance Factory 


RED ALERT indicates that all in-person classes are suspended at the center until we are cleared from guidance at the local level or directly from the Center for Disease Control. Online classes will be the only form of dance instruction until we have clearance to resume in-person classes. 



In the event of inclement weather, we will follow the local government guidelines and advisory warnings before we cancel classes. All parents will have access to the parent portal for more information regarding classes. If you need additional information you can call us at:

1 (888) 90-DANCE or send us an e-mail to

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